F&V T-4 LED Video Light 118110060101

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F&V T-4 LED Video Light 118110060101

The T-4 features four (4), daylight-balanced Power LEDs that deliver up to 960 lx of illumination, and is dimmable from 25-100%.

The T-4 has three (3) different types of interchangeable battery plates that simply snap on and off the back of the light unit. Choose from three (3) battery plate options: Sony NP-F, Canon BP930, or Panasonic D28S. The T-4 can also be powered from an external power supply through its DCΦ2.5 jack.

This light also features a unique barn door system. The barn door system is composed of two (2) barn doors that act as flags to shape your light and two (2) swing-away filters, one (1) tungsten filter and one (1) diffusion filter. Whether shooting indoors, outdoors, or in tight quarters, the T-4 offers solutions for adjusting the quality of your light as needed.

This light has a standard cold shoe mount that has an integrated 1/4"-20 female thread. The addition of the 1/4"-20 female thread allows for the attachment of mounting accessories such as a Baby Pin, Spigot, or Hand Grip.

  • Multiple Power Options: DV Battery or DCΦ2.5 jack
  • Interchangeable DV Battery Plates: Sony NP-F, Canon BP930, or Panasonic D28S
  • Daylight Balanced: 5600K
  • Dimmable 25-100%
  • Swing-away Tungsten and Diffusion Filters

Bulb: Power LED (4 bulbs)

Light Angle: 60°

Illuminance: 960 lx

Power Variation: 25-100%

Color Rending Index (Ra): ≥ 85%

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): 5600K (3200K w/ Tungsten Filter)

Power Sources: DV Battery Plate / DCΦ2.5 jack

Operating Voltage: 9.8-16.8V DC

Battery Mount: Interchangeable T-4 Battery Adapter Plates: Sony NP-F, Canon BP930, or Panasonic D28S

Battery Life: 36mins with NP-F550

Shoe Type: Standard Cold Shoe w/ integrated 1/4"-20 female thread

Nominal Weight: 13 oz / 369 g (excluding weight)

Nominal Dimensions: 13.5 x 12 x 8.2 (cm) (with battery plate)

Package Contents

(1) x T-4 LED Video Light -11812161

(1) x D-tap Male to DCΦ2.5 Plug - 20" - 10206002

(1) x 4-pin XLR Male to DCΦ2.5 Plug - 10206001

(1) x T-4 Battery Adapter Plate – Sony NP-F - 10208005 (S)

(1) x Wide Angle Diffuser - 33212010

Feature Tags 500+ lx, 5600K, NP-F Powered, DC Powered, Multiple Power Options