F&V Z96 UltraColor LED Video Light - 95 CRI 118123060201

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F&V Z96 UltraColor LED Video Light - 95 CRI 118123060201

 Featuring the new UltraColor LED with a CRI of 95, the already loved Z96 just got better. The Z96 is small in size, but with 96 Power LEDs this light packs a lot of punch. With its compact form factor, and ability to connect onto other Z96 units, this LED light has many applications. Tuck the light into small spaces, attach it via an articulating arm on top of your camera, or link multiple units to get light output similar to that of a conventional 1x1 LED panel. It also features a magnetic filter system that makes adding or removing filters a breeze. You can power up the unit with either AA Batteries, a Sony NP-F Battery, or through its DC jack. This light allows for the unprecedented versatility, and is perfect for shoots either in the studio or on location.

If you want a super-soft, lighting effect, check out the Milk Filter



Bulb: UltraColor LED
LED Count: 96
Light Beam Angle: 65°
Illuminance: 800 lx
Power Variation: Stepless 0-100%
Color Rending Index (Ra): ≥ 95
Correlated Color Temperature: 5600K (3200K w/ Tungsten Filter)
Power Supply: Built-in Sony NP-F battery plate, 5x AA-Batteries, or DCΦ2.5 jack
Lasting Time: 133mins with NP-F550, 70mins with AA Battery
Operating Voltage: 5.8-16.8V DC
Nominal Weight: 7 oz / 198 g (without filters)
Nominal Dimensions: 12.8 x 8 x 4.8 (cm)


Package Contents:

(1) x Z96 UltraColor
(2) x Magnetic Filters - Tungsten/Diffuser
(1) x Ball Mount