Graslon Prodigy Diffuser with Snap On Dome Lens

Vendor: Graslon

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Graslon Prodigy Diffuser with Snap On Dome Lens

Graslon SKU: 4100D | Helix SKU: GL4100D

The Prodigy is Graslon’s largest light modification system for external flashes. Complete with IBT Technology, the Prodigy enlarges the light using internal reflectors before sending it through a diffusion system. The result is soft, even lighting.

The Prodigy is compatible with either the Graslon dome or flat diffusers. The flat diffuser is designed to be a more directional source of light to fill-in when shooting outdoors or wherever you cannot bounce the light. The dome diffuser spreads the light out and takes advantage of bouncing the light off walls and ceilings when available. Should you want both diffusers, the opposite is available and sold separately.

Universal Speedlight Mounting System
With its rigid sliding-and-locking mounting brackets, it fits nearly all camera speedlight brands. Simply set it up once for the correct size of your speedlight, then quickly and easily add or remove the duffusion system at a moment’s notice.
Creates Soft, Diffused Light & Shadows
Get the benefits of the additional light your speedlight provides, without the harsh shadows and overblown highlights. This diffuser creates a larger light source than your flash, before it even diffuses that light. Then the interchangeable front diffusion lens continues to soften and spread out that larger source of light for superior lighting quality and control.
Patent-Pending Dual Mirror System
The internal reflectors used in the Prodigy provide a larger light source from your flash than it has alone, before it is then diffused and enlarged even further. This makes for more flattering, soft light and shadows.
Compatible Flash Manufacturers
The universal mounting system of the Prodigy fits nearly any model of camera flash, including: Canon EOS, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma, Sony, Metz and many others.
Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 6 x 4 in

Dome, Flat