Ilford 2001759 GPSHG7US GALERIE 13 x 19 Inches Prestige Smooth High Gloss 25 Count Photo Inkjet (Black)

Vendor: Ilford

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GALERIE Prestige Smooth High Gloss has an ultra glossy surface on a unique film base creating the look of a metallic media. The dimensionally stable, tear and crease resistant base is coated with a proprietary inkjet receiving layer offering a broad color gamut, instant drying and vibrant colors with real depth As the photographic market continues to evolve away from chemical photographic processes, this high gloss media is perfect as a metallic look alternative, capable of creating eye-catching images with enhanced definition and extended tonal range for the highest quality, professional photo look. Smooth High Gloss has a universally compatible layer for superior results with both dye and pigment printers.