Ilford 2002391 44 X 50-1 Inches GALERIE Prestige Gold Cotton Textured Roll (Black)

Vendor: Ilford

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GALERIE Prestige Gold Cotton papers lead the way for professional fine art printing. With a textured offering that features a contoured surface for a more creative expression, these mold made, 100% cotton rag papers have been crafted specifically to meet the needs of fine art photographers who want the confidence that the media they use will deliver accurate and dynamic results time after time. With no optical brighteners and the longevity and image stability required for the very best in fine art printing. These additions to the Prestige line-up meet the exacting standards required to receive the 'Gold' moniker and feature surfaces that can stand up to any artistic vision while ensuring vivid, archival-quality image rendition for portfolios, prints-for-sale, as well as gallery and museum-quality prints. Gold Cotton Textured is available in sheets and rolls and is compatible with pigment based printers.