Ilford 2002408 50 X 100 Inches GALERIE Prestige Fine Art Textured Roll (Black)

Vendor: Ilford

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GALERIE Prestige Fine Art Textured paper complements its Prestige Gold Cotton Textured counterpart by offering a double-sided alpha-cellulose alternative capable of delivering stunning contrast and sharpness along with extra punch for brilliant colors and intriguing separation in black and white prints. With a very high cellulose content, upwards of 93%, these fine art papers have many of the same properties as a cotton paper including a luxurious feel, excellent durability and longevity. With their addition of a textured look and feel to the final print, professional and enthusiast fine art photographers and printers can preserve the integrity of their creative vision. Fine Art Smooth and Fine Art Textured are available in sheets and rolls and are compatible with both pigment and dye based printers.