Induro Tripods 490-050 QRT50 Quick Release Clamp for Benro Tripods

Vendor: Induro

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Induro QRT Series Quick Release Clamp; For monopods, other brands of tripod heads and equipment that do not have a Quick Release System, Induro offers the QRT; Quick Release Clamp. The same solid support and locking system found on Induro heads can be attached to any 1/4-20 or; 3/8-16 tripod, monopod or accessory mount.Induro Professional Quick Release System; Induro currently uses two different styles of Quick Release (QR) Systems to facilitate a rapid and secure mounting and; dismounting of camera gear and accessories from tripods, monopods and other support equipment. Some Induro Tripod; Heads use a snap-in style QR plate for efficiency. Others utilize the industry standard Arca-Swiss compatible system with a; Twist-Lock mechanism which assures a universal solid fit with the widest range and virtually all brands of plates and accessories.A double action safety lock allows the Induro universal QR system to safely slide and adjust the plate within the quick; release clamp for positioning prior to tightening. All Induro Tripod Heads and Quick Release Clamps include a matching; QR plate, and a convenient range of different size plates are also available from Induro to fit a variety of different cameras,; lenses and other gear.

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