Limelite VB-1331US Studiolite Sl455DMX Panel with 4x Daylight Tubes Tube Carry Bag and US Mains Cable (Black)

Vendor: Limelite

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The Studio lite DMX range of fluorescent light banks has been designed to meet the exacting needs of imaging professionals working in photography or video. Quick to set up and simple to use, Studio lite DMX lights are the very definition of plug & go. Available in three sizes, the two, four or eight tube models use the same long life 55W 5400K or 3000K compact lamps for versatility. The highly efficient reflector has been designed to maximize the available light and creates a remarkably even light. Stay cool The thermal design and ventilation of the Studio lite DMX ensures very cool running, with stable color temperature and light output over long operation times without fans. Cool running fluorescent tubes produce little heat so the Studio lite is comfortable for lighting people & perfect for still life. Lighting control Optional accessories such as barn-doors and grids slot quickly into the front of the units to shape or control light to your will. Digital Precision With full DMX in and out control, Stud iolites can be controlled remotely or simply from the onboard digital control panel dimming from 100% to 0% and each unit can become a master control for banks of Stud iolites linked together via standard RJ45 Ethernet/DMX cables. Operating Studio lite DMX light banks is quick, easy and intuitive. For photographers the power output display can be easily switched from linear to f/stop units to make metering easy. Built in ballast * SL855DMX does not rotate