Meade 07530 Series 4000 Color Filter Set No.1 (Black)

Vendor: Meade

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The Meade 07530 Series 4000 Color Filter Set No.1 enhances the contrast of the moon and planets in more visual and photographic images. These filters thread into the barrel of Meade 1.25-inch eyepieces and works for almost all other brands of eyepieces as well. This set includes a no.12 yellow with 74-percent transmission, no.23A light red with 25-percent transmission, no.58 green with 24-percent transmission and no.80A blue with 30-percent transmission. The no.12 yellow filter enhances red and orange features, which works great with the colors that can be seen on Jupiter, Saturn and Mars and is ideal for telescopes with a 6-inch aperture and larger. The no.23A filter features strong contrast with blue-green detail on planets including Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Mars. The no.58 filter is ideal for 8-inch apertures and up and rejects blue and red tones. Finally, the no.80A filter is perfect for Jupiter and Saturn, as well as a contrast-enhancing lunar filter. The Meade 07530 Series 4000 Color Filter Set No.1 comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Meade has everything you need to capture the night sky for experienced star-shooters, serious researchers and beginners alike. Serious astronomers for years have flocked to Meade telescopes for their quality optical systems and patented technology. Consumers know that "Meade Optics Inside" means that what they see through our telescopes will be views that are detailed, crisp and full of contrast. Look through a Meade this evening and see what you've been missing.