Meade 91102 Meade Star Chart/Flashlight Set: 21 Page Star Chart Book/Planisphere and Red/White 16 LED Flashlight

Vendor: Meade

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Meade Star Chart and Flashlight Set #91102. This handy reference set includes a spiral wound star chart printed on glossy heavy stock paper with a glow in the dark cover. Measures a large 11 x 14 inches. The included LED flashlight is selectable from red to white illumination.This comprehensive 21 page star chart includes seasonal star charts for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and gives a sampling of interesting naked eye, binocular and telescopic targets by constellation. The front cover of the book includes a glow in the dark star map with a rotating dial. When the dial is set to the current time and date, the map can be held over the observers head and will show the relative position of the visible constellations in the night sky at that moment. The rear appendix gives brief descriptions of star magnitudes, types and classifications by spectral class.The LED flashlight features a very bright beam from 16 LED's and is push button selectable from white for normal illumination to red to preserve night vision. Heavy duty metal construction, with threaded battery compartment. (3 "AAA" batteries required.)