Nikon SK-E900 External Multi-Flash Bracket Unit for Nikon 4500 Digital Camera

Vendor: Discontinued

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When used along with the optional Nikon ASE900 adapter, you can add several flashes for versatile photo use TTL and Non-TTL Auto Flash (A) with film cameras Intelligent i-TTL system supports Advanced Wireless Lighting, including 3 remote i-TTL Speedlight groups controlled through the master SB-800 D2H and SB-800 wireless lighting system makes operation as simple as an on-camera Speedlight Auto FP High Speed Sync Mode delivers fill flash in bright light as needed FV Lock (Flash Value Lock) allows photographer to change the composition or zoom for the shot, while maintaining desired lighting of the subject Wide-area AF Illuminator covers D2H's 11 AF sensors Compatible with every AF Nikkor lens Power Source - Four 1.5 V (AA-size alkaline), AA (AA-size NiCd) or AA-size lithium batteries, Quick Recycle Battery Pack SD-800 holds a fifth AA - size battery for faster power recycling Dimensions - Width Approximately 2.8 x Height 5.1 x Depth 3.7 inch Weight without batteries - Approximately 12.3 ounces Batteries are not included. Must be purchased separately.