Norman Allure DP320 Monolight

Vendor: Norman

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Norman Allure DP320 Monolight

Norman SKU: 810593 | Helix SKU: NR810593

The Allure DP320 (810593) by Norman is not just another monolight. This Dual Power 320 watt-second system can be used in studio with standard AC power, and it can be taken on location where it performs equally well using the optional BP320 Battery Power Supply. The included DC Power Cable also allows the DP320 to be used with Quantum Turbo™ and Turbo Z™ Batteries.

In studio, the 100 watt modeling lamp provides enough light for focusing, even when using a softbox or umbrella. The optional R5009 Adapter Ring makes the DP320 compatible with all Norman reflectors, grids, barn doors and other light modifiers.

The control panel allows the power level to be set to full, half or quarter power. It also includes a switch to enable a photo eye for wireless synchronization with another strobe.

- Lamphead
- 5" Reflector
- Flashtube
- Modeling Lamp
- Protective Cover
- Power Cord
- Sync Cord
- DC Power Supply Cord

Flash Power 320 watt-seconds(AC), 270 watt-seconds (DC)
Flash Power Control Full, 1/2 and 1/4
Color Temperature 5500K
Guide Number 110 (with included 5" reflector)
Angle of Illumination 64 degrees (with included 5" reflector)
Photo Eye Built-in with ON/OFF switch
Modeling Lamp 100W with ON/OFF switch (AC only)
AC Power Source 110-120VAC, 60HZ
Housing Dimensions 4.8" W, 4.8" H, 9.3" D
Weight 3.65 pounds