Profoto Backpack M

Vendor: Profoto

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Profoto Backpack M

Profoto SKU: 330223 | Helix SKU: PF330223


A handy backpack to bring your lights on location

Travel with comfort to your remote on-location shoot. Grab our handy, tailor-made BackPack M and pack it with the lights you need. This high-quality bag fits two B1X or D1 or D2 monolights plus accessories and two stands. Thanks to the adjustable inner compartments it can also be used for storing other lights and photographic equipment.


  • Stores up to two Profoto flashes such as B1X, D1 or D2.
  • Padded interior.
  • Made with high-quality nylon fabrics.
  • Adjustable inner compartments.
  • Sealed with zippers.
  • Adjustable carrying straps.
  • Use straps to fit two stands or smaller umbrellas and softboxes.
  • Transparent pocket for personal business card or other labeling.