Profoto Bag S

Vendor: Profoto

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Profoto Bag S

Profoto SKU: 330211 | Helix SKU: PF330211


A handy tailor-made bag to protect your monolights

The handy Bag S is tailor-made for protecting Profoto monolights. It’s a standard accessory, included in D1 Basic Kits, thanks to the adjustable inner compartments it can also be used to protect other monolights during storage and transport. It’s sealed with a zipper and has handles so it can be easily carried by hand. It also comes with an optional adjustable shoulder strap.

Stores up to two Profoto flashes such as B1X, D1 or D2.
Made with high-quality nylon fabrics.
Adjustable inner compartments.
Sealed with a zipper.
Handles for easy carrying.
Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.