Profoto C1

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Profoto C1

Profoto SKU: 901360 | Helix SKU: PF901360

Profoto C1 is a smartphone studio light that creates professional images with just a simple click. Point-and-shoot with automatic exposure and flash power based on the surrounding conditions. Go between natural and dramatic images with a swipe of your finger. In manual mode, get full control and freedom over power, exposure, and color temperature.

Designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, Profoto C1 delivers beautiful light on the go. Its round shape mimicking the sun creates a soft fall-off. Its wide color range creates colors that can match any light conditions from dusk to dawn. And its built-in reflectors and dome diffuser create natural shadows.

Profoto C1 is so tiny it fits anywhere – even hidden inside your image. Or use it hand-held to easily play around and explore different angles by simply moving it around. Adjust its color temperature to add a golden or cool light, mixing it with the ambient light or adding a contrasting color. Bring in dramatic shadows or go for a brighter natural feel. You can even use several lights together. Profoto C1 offers lots of creative possibilities.


  • Pocket-sized and designed for your palm
  • Round shape with a soft fall-off gives a beautiful light
  • With a Color rendering index >90, it produces colors very close to daylight
  • Choose between automatic mode for point-and-shoot and manual mode for full freedom
  • Capture with the built-in capture button to truly paint with light and shadows
  • Adjustable power levels from natural to dramatic effect (max 1600 lumens)
  • Choose between flash and flicker-free continuous light
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery packs >2000 full-power flashes or >30 minutes continuous light at full power in one charge
  • USB-C charging 2h to full
  • Inner reflectors placed under a built-in dome diffuser evenly mix the light to create natural shadows
  • 4 warm and 3 cool LEDs mixing seamlessly to mimic daylight color temperatures from 3000-6500K



  • Max output
    1600 lumens 
  • Max illuminance @ 1m
    800 lux 
  • Color temperature range
    Adjustable 3000K-6500K (±200K) 
  • Color rendering index (CRI)
Modeling light
  • Max output (lumens)
    280 lumens 
  • Max illuminance @ 1m
    140 lux 
  • Lamp type
  • Color temperature range
    Adjustable 3000K-6500K (±200K) 
  • Color rendering (CRI)
Wireless connectivity
  • Frequency band
    2.4 GHz (2404 to 2479.3 MHz) 
  • No. of sync channels 40 
  • Supported Air features
    No. Bluetooth only. 
  • Radio power output
    Maximum 8 dBm 
  • Battery type
  • Battery capacity
    1500 mAh 
  • Typical battery runtime
    >2000 full-power flashes or >30 minutes continuous light at full power 
  • Battery charging time
    2 hours (fast charge 800 mA) 
  • Height
    4,9 cm / 1,9 in 
  • Weight
    120 g / 0,3 Ibs 
  • Diameter
    7,4 cm / 2,9 in