Profoto OCF Beauty Dish White 2'

Vendor: Profoto

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Profoto OCF Beauty Dish White 2'

Profoto SKU: 101220 | Helix SKU: PF101220

OCF Beauty Dish White 2' A portable beauty dish for off-camera flashes

The OCF Beauty Dish is a collapsible and more portable version of the classic Profoto Softlight Reflector. It creates a creamy yet crisp light, often referred to as a “beauty light.” The White Beauty Dish gives a softer and slightly more even light than its silver counterpart. When it comes to bringing out the beauty of your subjects, this is second to none.

Since it is tailor-made for on-location photography, the OCF Beauty Dish is compact, lightweight and easy to use. High-quality fabrics and patent-pending design allows you to snap it onto the speedring without having to bend and fumble with the rods.

Important to note:
Only recommended for Profoto off-camera flashes with LED modeling light. May not be used with D1 and D2 monolights or standard heads.


  • Creates a classic beauty light.
  • Collapsible and lightweight.
  • Patent-pending design for fast and easy setup.
  • Made with high-quality fabrics.
  • Requires an OCF Speedring (sold separately).
  • Comes with deflector plate, optional diffuser and a labeled soft bag.
  • Depth
    22 cm / 8.7 in 
  • Weight
    0.53 kg / 1.2 lb (with deflector plate and speedring) 
  • Open diameter
    56 cm / 22 in