ProMaster XC-M 522 Leg Warmers 3pc set - Black

Vendor: ProMaster

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ProMaster XC-M 522 Leg Warmers 3pc set - Black

ProMaster SKU: 3594 | Helix SKU: PR35945

ProMaster's 3594 Leg Warmers are specifically designed for use with ProMaster XC-M 522 and XC-M 522C tripods. This kit of 3 warmers fits the 3 XC-M522 tripod legs perfectly. Simply wrap a leg warmer around the upper leg section of the tripod and zip it up. Now the leg is protected from scratches while covered in a soft sleeve. The warmers are much easier on your hands in cold weather too since they protect your skin from having direct contact with cold metal. And when you convert your XC-M tripod into its monopod mode, the warmer continues to perform as a soft, warm spot to hold on to.

Installing the leg warmers takes a bit of time and concentration since you have to line up the zipper while pulling the warmer tight around the leg. Be patient! Since it is an exact fitting item there is no slack in the fabric to ensure excellent performance once installed.

  • Actual length of each leg warmer: 5 1/8" / 130 mm
  • Actual weight of each leg warmer: 13/32 oz / 11.5 g
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