Rhino Carbon 24" Rails

Rhino Carbon 24" Rails

Rhino SKU: SKU209 | Helix SKU:RHSKU209




Interchangeable rails are the heart of the Rhino System. They allow you to completely change the weight, length, and load capacity of your slider setup without having to buy a completely new setup. 

The Carbon 24” Rails are the most versatile of the four options. They are short, light, and super rigid making them great for most everyday shoots.

Weight: 1lb
Load Capacity: 15lbs

We updated the rails with our new Tripod Quick Mount System that lets you mount your slider to a tripod in less time and without having to awkwardly spin it around.


  • Quickly interchange your rails to transform your slider
  • Ultra light
  • Precision ground carbon fiber
  • Includes the new Tripod Quick Mount System


  • Carbon 24” Rails

Vendor: Rhino

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