Rhino RŌV PRO - Traveler Slider

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Rhino RŌV PRO - Traveler Slider

Rhino SKU: ROV004 | Helix SKU: RHROV004



  • RŌV PRO (Everyday & Traveler)

    • Short Description
      • RŌV Pro is an extremely portable, app controlled motorized slider that you’ll actually bring on your next shoot. It’s ultra compact and controlled by your phone with an extremely intuitive app. RŌV Pro even has the ability to capture time lapses seamlessly with a built in intervalometer.
      • Note: RŌV is not currently compatible with iPhone Xs and Xs Max in video mode (using your phone for video). We’re working on an app update to address this. 

    • Features
      • Includes ROV Pro Everyday, Quick Release Ball-head, Smartphone Mount, Variable ND Filter
      • Captures ultra smooth cinematic video on your DSLR or Mirrorless camera
      • Holds up to a 5lb camera with the included quick release ball mount
      • Includes Phone Mount to film b-roll on your smartphone
      • Time-lapse mode can capture long exposures at night (optional cable not included)
      • Motorized movement with a built in 24 hour rechargeable battery
      • Insanely long 24hr battery life
      • Fast setup with one touch to start moving
      • Premium machined aluminum finish
      • Variable speeds
      • Looping mode 
      • Controlled by your phone over Bluetooth

      • Features (Long Form)
        • The slider you’ll actually take with you
          • ROV Pro is an extremely portable, app controlled motorized slider that you’ll actually bring on your next shoot.
        • All in one
  • We took the best parts of our high end gear and created a portable, beautiful, motorized slider. 
            • Insanely fast setup
      • ROV includes an integrated quick release ball-head that allows you to setup your slider and camera in seconds. The built in legs allow you to position your slider anywhere without needing a tripod. 
      • App controlled
      • RŌV Pro is fully motorized and seamlessly pairs with your phone to control its movement. Have full control of your camera’s movement in the palm of your hand. 
                • Time-Lapse
                  • Ditch your bulky gear without compromising quality. ROV Pro has an integrated 2.5mm port for triggering your cameras’ shutter during a time-lapse. Getting a time-lapse has never been easier with the built-in intervalometer. *A shutter release cable is not included and can be purchased separately. 
                • Versatility
          • Mount RŌV anywhere using the all-terrain legs, on a flat surface, or on a tripod. We challenge you to find a place you can’t set it up.
                    • Build Quality
              • Using a high-strength aluminum extrusion as it’s backbone, RŌV Pro is lightweight and extremely portable. It looks damn good too.
              • Long Battery Life
                      • A built-in high capacity battery will keep your adventure powered for up to 24 hours of motion. 
                  • Specs
                    • Specs
                      • Everyday - 17" L x 4.5" W x 1.5" H 1lb 5oz
                      • Traveler - 25" L x 4.5" W x 1.5" H 1lb 7oz
                      • Speeds - Minimum .25in/sec, Maximum 1.42in/sec

                    • In the box
                      • RŌV PRO Motorized Slider
                      • Charging Cable
                      • Variable ND filter for filming cinematic video on your phone
                      • Quick Start Guide

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