Smith Victor 1000 Camera Mounted LED Light (401600)

Vendor: Smith-Victor

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Smith Victor 1000 Camera Mounted LED Light

Smith-Victor SKU: 401600 | Helix SKU: SV401600

The new Smith-Victor V1000 LED light is packed with features and style. Designed for use both on and off camera. This powerful 1000 lumen light features a CRI of 90 assuring very good color rendering with variable color temperature from 3200° ~ 5800°K (± 200°K) and variable power from 10% ~ 100%. The built-in lithium battery provides 2 hours of full power light with a simple-to-use interface. Just push the button to change power or color temperature adjustment, then turn the dial. This allows for plenty of light for a distant subject, yet prevents a subject just 2 feet away from being over exposed. If switching from one color temperature situation to another is needed, you can quickly adjust the light to match. Additionally, the heavy duty tilting mechanism and secure locking accessory foot provide for worryfree shooting. Light includes a shoe mount which can be mounted to a light stand or tripod that uses a 1/4 20 thread. Comes complete with charger/AC adapter and diffuser. 

Key Features:

  •  1000 Lumens
  •  Adjustable Power: 10~100%
  •  CRI: 90
  •  Color Temperature: 3200~5800°K
  •  10 watt (100 watt equivalent)
  •  AC or DC
  •  Run time on DC: 2 hours
  •  Locking foot
  •  Secure Angle Adjustment
  •  120° Tilt
  •  Diffuser
  •  Built-in Lithium Ion Battery