Smith Victor SBQ-36 36" square quartz SoftBox Light (408095)

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Vendor: Smith-Victor

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Smith Victor SBQ-36 36" square quartz SoftBox Light (408095)

The Smith-Victor SBQ-36 500 Watt Professional SoftBox Light - 36 x 36" (120V AC) provides soft, even bright light. The SBQ1 Fixture for Softbox Light is the heart of the professional level continuous light source for photographers and videographers. It features a heavy duty ceramic mogul socket. The optional tungsten halogen linear bulb produces a non-directional beam with optimum softness.

The 3200° Kelvin bulbs are available as 500 or 1000 watts, for 120 or 230 AC voltage.

The stand mount bracket accepts any 5/8" Baby top stud. The tilt mechanism has an insulated handle and ratchet locking device.

Double envelope construction of the bulb -- outer envelope protects the inner bulb from damage from direct contact.
Square softbox is suitable for a 2 - 3 person portrait.
All-In-One Professional SoftBox Light Combines the Pro SBQ-1 with a 36 Inch Heat Resistant Soft Box
Part #: 408095  
Cable: 10 feet  
Color Temperature: 3200  
Construction: Aluminum  
Dimensions: 36x36 Inch  
Lamp Options: EHC500WB / FEL1000WB  
Mounting: 5/8-inch Universal  
Pan Rotation: 360  
Power Source: AC  
Socket: Ceramic Mogul Base with 2-pin adapter  
Switch: In-line Rocker  
Tilt Adjustment: 160  
Voltage: 110V  
Wattage: 500-watt, 1000-watt Quartz Halogen  
Weight: 3 lbs.
Details: Smith-Victor's all new Heat-Resistant Professional SoftBox Light is the ideal continuous light source for still photographers and videographers. Featuring a heavy-duty ceramic mogal lamp socket, the Pro SBQ-1 will handle 500 and 1000-watt quartz halogen lamps with a color temperature of 3200k. The soft boxes have heat vents and are made with a heat resistant silver lining that can withstand high temperatures for long periods of time. The texture of the silver lining allows the SoftBox Light™ to be used as a parabolic reflector by removing the diffusion panel. The stand mounting bracket fits stands with a 5/8 inch stud. The tilting mechanism has an insulated handle and ratchet locking device. The heart of the Professional SoftBox Light™ is the incredible tungsten halogen linear lamp. The design of the linear lamp makes it the ideal soft box light source. The lamp features even illumination throughout the length of the tube, and produces non-directional light distribution with high-intensity and optimum softness. The double envelope construction means that the inner glass tube is protected by an outer shell to help prevent the tube from bursting. When the lamp is cool, you can touch the double envelope with bare hands and never worry about damaging the lamp. Lamp life is approximately 2000 hours.  





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