Volta V-385 Power Inverter 110v

Vendor: Volta

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Volta V-385 Power Inverter 110v

Volta SKU: VA1400 | Helix SKU: VA1400


The V-385 is a pure sine wave inverter that allows you to take your studio strobes, laptop, and USB devices on location. With a 26000mAh capacity, twice the amount of the competition, you'll be powered all day long.


The unit has three 110V* AC sockets and three USB ports. The battery is removable so if you run out of power you can replace it with a fully charged one.


The Volta V-385 power inverter has been tested with the Broncolor Siros 800s (an 800ws monolight) on full power, with modeling lamp turned off, and delivered 1260 full-powered flashes before running out of power.


Battery Capacity: 26000mAh

Battery Voltage: 14.8V

In Watt/H: 384.7 Watt Hour

Continuous Output: 800w

Peak Power: 1400w

Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave

Inverter Output Voltage: 110V

Highharmonic Distortion: <3%

No-load Current Consumption: Normal Mode - 0.25A, Flash Mode - 1A 91%

Conversion Efficiency: 91%

Low-voltage Alarm: Yes

Low-voltage Shutdown: Yes

Storage Temperature Range: -30°C - 70°C

Operating Temperature Range: 0-40 °C

Battery Type: Lithium Ion battery

Charger Input Voltage: 110v-220v

Fuse: Replaceable 3x 30A


*220V version is also available