The Wolves of Yellowstone

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In 1995, history was made as 14 gray wolves were transported from the Canadian wilderness and released in Yellowstone National Park. Their release marked the beginning of a landmark project to restore wolves to an area from where they had been absent for almost 100 years.

The Wolves of Yellowstone provides the inside story of the trials and tribulations encountered during the first year and a half of restoring wolves to Yellowstone. Written by the project leaders of the restoration effort, it is the only book to contain the biologists' personal accounts, along with never-before-seen photographs, field notes, historical documents, and reminiscences from key figures such as Bruce Babbit and Dave Mech.

The Wolves of Yellowstone allows readers to become completely familiar with this historic undertaking. Mike Phillips and Doug Smith detail the capture, translocation, acclimation, release, and tracking after release of the Yellowstone wolves. Both the 1995 and 1996 wolf releases are discussed.

Given the continuing media coverage of this project and the large and loyal following of wolf fans worldwide, The Wolves of Yellowstone promises to be a much-sought-after reference.

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