Asis 400 Traveler 2-Light & Li-Ion Battery Kit

Vendor: Asis

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Asis 400 Traveler 2-Light & Li-Ion Battery Kit

Asis SKU: AS0450 | Helix SKU: AS0450


The ASIS 400 Traveler is a mobile photographer's best friend. Using two heads the battery pack has a 33/66 ratio and can power the lights for over 320 flashes. The system offers similar features to the Elinchrom Quadra at a fraction of the price!

The kit comes with the Li-Ion battery power pack, two heads, shoulder strap, and convenient carrying case.

Using one head the system will have a maximum power of 400ws. When two heads are connected the power is divided asymmetrically with 66% going to one head and 33% going to the other. This is perfect for using one flash as a main light and the other as a fill or background light.

Other features include a built-in photo cell, replaceable Li-Ion battery, 10w LED modeling lamps, and flash durations as fast as 1/3500s.


SKU AS0450

(2x) Flash Heads

(1x) Li-Ion Battery Control Pack

(1x) Shoulder Strap

(2x) Reflectors

(2x) Diffuser Covers

(2x) Cables for Heads

(1x) Battery Charger

(1x) Carrying Case


Max Output Power: 400ws
Flash Power Range - Outlet A: 25 - 400ws
Flash Power Range - Outlet B: 8 - 133ws
Recycle Time Fast - Outlet A: 0.5s @ min / 2.5s @ max
Recycle Time Slow - Outlet A: 1s @ min / 5.5s @ max
Recycle Time Fast - Outlet B: 0.3s @ min / 1.2s @ max
Recycle Time Slow - Outlet B: 0.6s @ min / 2.5s @ max
Flash Duration Time - Outlet A: 1/1200s
Flash Duration Time - Outlet B: 1/4000s
Flash Color Temperature: 5500K +/- 200K
LED Modeling Lamp: 6w
LED Color Temperature: 5200K +/-200K
Photocell Sync Distance: <= 33' (10m)
Sync Socket: 3.5mm Jack
Sync Voltage: 5v
User Replaceable Fuse: Yes
User Replaceable Flashtube: Yes
Audio On/Off: Yes
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Battery Voltage: 14.8v / 4.5Ah
Battery Charge Time: ~2 hours
Fuse: 40A
Kit Weight (with Carrying Case): 3.3 lb (2.6 kg)




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