Norman D12R Power Pack 1200 watt second w/Pocket Wizard

Vendor: Norman

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Norman D12R Power Pack 1200 watt second w/Pocket Wizard

Norman SKU: 810710 | Helix SKU: NR810710

Commercial Photographers need lighting equipment that will provide the power, repeatability and versatility required to handle the endless variety of assignments they encounter on a daily basis. Norman Series 900 equipment has always been able to meet these challenges, and the D12 and D24 Digital Power Supplies are no exception.

These 1200 and 2400 watt-second systems incorporate four lamphead outlets with digital displays and individual on/off switching. Power levels are adjusted through two channels, each with a five-stop range that are adjustable in 1/10 stop increments. You can also combine the two channels to deliver full power to a single lamphead or to create a symmetrical power supply.

Additional Features:

- Compatible with all Series 900 Lampheads and related light modifiers
- Optional software for complete control from your PC
- Photo eye, 1/4" sync jack and optional PocketWizard™ Radio Receiver
- Accurate digital controls with LED display for each lamphead
- Easy to use rotary knobs control power settings and modeling light levels
- Selectable audible and visual flash verification
- Misfire alarm for each lamphead
- Flash repeatability of 1/20 stop at full power
- Slow charge option allows shooting at locations with sub-par wiring
- Full two year limited parts and labor warranty
- Independent safety approvals including ETL, CETL and FCC

Norman Power Supplies are also available with built-in PocketWizard™ radio receivers. This unique feature allows these power supplies to be used in the studio or on location without the hassle of sync cords, and it eliminates the risk of inadvertent tripping of your lights from other strobes in the area. The built-in PocketWizard™ receiver can be set to operate from any channel selected on a compatible PocketWizard™ transmitter.

Having the PocketWizard™ receiver built into the D12R and D24R eliminates the need to carry and keep track of a seperate receiver module and compatible cable. Best of all, the built-in unit is powered directly from the power supply, eliminating the need for batteries.

1- LED Display: Displays the power in watt-seconds that has been set for that lamphead.

2- Power Switch: Switches AC power on/off. Internal memory retains settings.

3- AC Power Inlet: 115 volt 60HZ power input, stabilized to provide repeatibility of 1/20 stop at full power with AC line voltage fluctuations between 105-125 volts. 

4- Reset 15 Amp Circuit Breaker: Automatically protects the flash circuit against excessive overloads.

5- Sync Outlets: Two sync outlets available for triggering from multiple cameras or meters.

6- Computer Control Modular Jack: Used to connect the power pack to a PC via serial port when using Norman Power Supply Communication Software.

7- Lamphead Enable: Allows a lamphead to be turned off without unplugging it.

8- Modeling Lamp: Can be set to full, ratio or off. Trim control brightens or dims without losing ratio.

9- Flash Verification: Audible verification will beep twice when the unit has returned to full power. Visual verification will cycle the modeling on and off, and then return to its previous state. 

10- Combine: When the pack is in combine mode, all of the power in the power pack is distributed evenly to all lampheads that are enabled.

11- Photo Eye: Can be switched on to permit remote triggering from another flash source.

12- Slow Charge: When enabled the units recycle time is increased, which is useful when shooting at a location that has sub-par wiring.

13- Power Trim Knobs: Adjusts the flash output from full to -5 f/stops in 1/10 stop increments 

14- Test Button/Ready Light: Press button to manually flash unit. Switch will light when ready to be triggered.

15- Antenna: For built-in PocketWizard™ Radio Receiver.


D12 / D12R

Power 1200 watt-seconds
Power Control Full to –5 f/stops
Recycle Time at Full Power 2.0 seconds
Flash Duration 1/1600 second (full)
Guide Number* 220 @10’, ISO 100
Sync Trigger Photo eye, 1/4" sync jack
Optional Sync Trigger Built-in PocketWizard™
Sync Voltage 6 VDC
Flashtube Quartz
Modeling Lamp Control Off, ratio, full and trim
Supply Voltage 105-125 VAC, 60HZ
Consumption 15A
Voltage Stabilization +/- 1%
Overload Protection 15A circuit breaker
Dimensions 7.5" X 7.4" X 11.7"
Weight 12.3 pounds
Trust Guard Security Scanned