Rosco Location Lighting Filter Kit - 12"x12"

Vendor: Rosco

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Rosco Location Lighting Filter Kit - 12"x12"

Rosco SKU: 110126120001 | Helix SKU: RS26120001

A collection of light modifiers inspired by award-winning photographer Rick Friedman.

For over three decades, Rick Friedman has been photographing authors, professors, celebrities and US Presidential Candidates. Rick shares his unique, easy-to-adopt illumination style in his Location Lighting Workshops™ across the US and UK. The Rosco Location Lighting Filter Kit allows photographers the ability to master Rick's lighting techniques using the same Rosco products he uses in his photography and in his workshops.

The kit contains a selection of Rick Friedman's "must-haves" for his camera bag, including: Rosco color correction and color effect lighting filters, as well as two of Rick's favorite light modifiers - Tough Spun diffusion and Rosco Photofoil.

Sheet size:

One 12" x 12" (30.48 cm x 30.48 cm) cut each of 23 different filters and one 24" x 24" (61 cm x 61 cm) sheet of Photofoil that is folded.

3202 CTB
3204 1/2 CTB
3403 .6 ND
3407 CTO
3408 1/2 CTO
01 Light Bastard Amber
14 Medium Straw
17 Light Flame
22 Deep Amber
24 Scarlet
3006 Tough Spun
3007 Light Tough Spun
3202 Full Blue CTB
3204 Half Blue CTB
3304 Tough Plusgreen
3315 Tough 1/2 Plusgreen
3403 Rosco N.6
3407 Roscosun CTO
3408 Roscosun 1/2 CTO
367 Slate Blue
39 Skelton Exotic Sangria
4290 CalColor 90 Blue
43 Deep Pink
4590 CalColor 90 Yellow
4690 CalColor 90 Red
4960 CalColor 60 Lavender
74 Night Blue
90 Dark Yellow Green
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