The Magic of Macro Photography

Posted on July 20, 2018 by Wendy Busa

Being able to take images close up, opens up a whole new interesting world of imaging, but if you are new to taking macro photography it can be frustrating.

So, the intent with the blog is to make your adventure in to this new tiny world less frustrating by giving you insight to understanding how to your adjust the setting on your camera for macro photography and what accessories will not only make your close up images sharper and but make the process easier.

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What is a Mirrorless camera & Why would you want one? Mirrorless cameras explained.

Posted on October 30, 2017 by Wendy Busa

So, should you go with a mirrorless camera or a DSLR? Only you can decide. You will get great images with both. Sometimes it just boils down to how the camera feels in your hand. Stop by our store and see for yourself how the camera handles.

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Capture Your Winter Wonderland

Posted on December 01, 2016 by Wendy Busa


A snowy landscape is an inspiring image, and to bring your winter wonderland center stage, it helps to include another object that can create contrast.  An exclusively snowy image may not provide enough visual interest, but even shadows can create a compelling addition to the composition.  If you shoot early or late in the day, the sun’s low angle can cast long shadows and contrast to other aspects of the image.  Simply adjusting your camera angle based on the sun’s position can change or impact your final result, which can be a fantastic asset when experimenting with different approaches to this subject.

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